21 Maret 2011

Saturday Night Out

How's your weekend guys?
did you have some funs?
well,my weekends was so great!  :D

i went barbecue with my classmates(not all, just around 20 peoples) at my friend's house
to be honest,i was kind of reluctant to join them at the beginning
i'm afraid i might felt tedious to join other friends who is-not-so-close..
but my besties keep persuade me 
however they're right!
we do have so much fun that night
we play basketball til midnight,play scrabble,cards,ping pong,etc
times seem to goes swiftly
i even forget to sleep  =p
& don't even exhausted!

9 komentar:

  1. What a lovely jumper! You are just too cute! xoxoxoo

  2. I LOVE these overalls on you. I have been wanting to pull mine out! You are inspiring me! :) Thank you so much for stopping by our blog today. We are so happy to have found yours now!

    We are following your fantastic blog now!

    I Live For It

    Xx. Jewls and Liza

  3. i like the fotos :) you sure enjoyed the time :)

  4. Beautiful photos!!
    I like your outfit in first photo, in paricular the t-shirt!

    Follow me if you like :)

  5. your trousers are adroble. I mean dungarees shorts <3...nothing to add

    love, kimi

  6. These are cute overalls on you. I like the light denim. Thanks for checking out my blog and your comments. :)

    You're entered in my giveaway too now :)


    Following you! :)