27 Februari 2011

NO diet for a momento

the fact that i've never really like a real meal ,such as rice , meat and vegetables
still i'll never ever say no to desserts and fruits
is kind of funny
but this is just me,i can't help it

Today's i got a yummy gifts from my cousin ,Jasmine all the way from Australia
the packaging is ♥ly  ,isn't it?               Remarkably creative!


So tell me, do you have any idea how to eat them?

 Additionally, my mom also brought us some snacks from their wonderful holiday
adore the super cute packaging

Withal , this is the dessert i ate sometimes ago
 & I did learn something
that coconut water and ice cream will never be as one
just as while the oil meet water

21 Februari 2011


these days,we've been playing volley like crazy
practice , practice and practice
the best part is I ENJOY IT! (although i've turned to tan skin)  -.-

in brief,today has been our semifinal!
Yes,today is the day
indeed we're tense
this is because our opponent is the captain of the volleyball CCA
and................................... we've lost ='(
what really made us peevish is that we only lost slightly,  only 48-50
forbye,i've even not attend my course today

but never mind,
just forget about the silver medal
now,we'll struggle to obtain the bronze medal!
Let's do the best social 1 !!
we will win it!
Please wish us tons of lucks bloggers

14 Februari 2011

'V' for Valentin3

Hey,i'm not a chocolate lover
           ACTUALLY , anti-chocolate is my middle name

Indeed, today's only exception!
I mean, how could i resist to receive these cute chocolates from my besties?   

   It's not a special gift from my crush , BUT it's a precious gifts which is passionly been bake from my BFFS   =)

they love to call me 'Tipul'
don't know why~
but it's definitely 'undetectable' in the dictionary

all of these above are made from Stevie
she's my besties since childhood
she's the one who trully understand me
that she's make extra chocolate biscuits

petite muffins and cereal cakes by Vera & Janice

Janice's petite cutie muffin
cute  =3
           and delicious    
MY favourite !  =d

Vera's cereal cake

made by Sylvia                                                                                                         

Another thanks to Sherly
not a homemade
but i really appreciate it =)

adorable one from Yika , oui?


                                                           HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY
 EVERYONE! ( ˆ▽ˆ )
Have a nice day!
a bientot~


13 Februari 2011

my bro's birthday

bonsoir ! =3
today is veeeery hoooooottttttttt.....
i kept sweating!  -.-'
hmm....,actually i had a bad afternoon

but just skip that part ok?
well,we go to a lot of place today
and barely have time to breath (huh!)

but for this year ,
we have a dinner with my uncle and his fam
because our parents went to Hongkong with some friends
they luckily got a very cheap ticket .envy.
if this is not for the stupid test we could go either
Want to see Macau dancing in the water show so badly  =(