24 Mei 2011

tres occupe

such a hectic weekend that i have last week 
went to friend's wedding (my senior actually) ♥
HOPE they'll be happily ever after ^^

& went to another friend's birthday party
lol. i curl curl curl my hair ˚⌣˚

have a final test in my course tomorrow (!)
please wish me luck dear blogger :3

◦°◦a bientot◦°◦

19 Mei 2011

some photos of the chapel ♥
not versailles , but peaceful & beautiful  ^^

                       et , Ultimately, i've done my kimono :D

15 Mei 2011

Euphoria journeY

desole , for neglected my blog for a while   :(
just came back from Brastagi , went there to attend the inauguration of new chapel
love this beautiful chapel, will upload the photos in the next post!  ^^

Oh, i really enjoy it!  ♥
i've been so excited to go there!! 
it's always great to be there due to the fresh air, beautiful scenery & peoples in there are way much kinder !

08 Mei 2011

passioи̅ to do

Bonjour! ♫
until last week, i reckon that these 4 months holiday might be mundane
yet guessed that i was wrong
apparently i have pile of stuff to do , oui, call it hectic , but i trully enjoy it to the max!
i've almost finished my kimono,i'll show you the picture ASAP 

MY DESIGNS , need your comments  :D

Happy mother's day to all mom around the world!!  ^ ^

05 Mei 2011

back to routine ~

well, i've took furlough for a month to focus on my national exams
& since it has over, i'm ready to back to my courses & everything that i've been off for a while  :D

27 April 2011

a night to remember ♥

it's PROM !
but why,why,why & why acne?
why do you come out now?  -.- 
huh!?  (¬_¬|||)

me & the gangs  :D