27 April 2011

a night to remember ♥

it's PROM !
but why,why,why & why acne?
why do you come out now?  -.- 
huh!?  (¬_¬|||)

me & the gangs  :D

25 April 2011

Happy [belated] Easter! ∩_∩

I apologized for the overdue post 
but, hey , better late than nought , right ?

some of my Easter design for the bulletin board articles

& the eggs

21 April 2011

GooD Friday ♥♥

♪  it's a holy holiday 

Bonjour !
how's your holiday guys ?
i hope you have a great one !


14 April 2011

just the way i am

today's the last day of school
time went too swift this day
just like a blink of an eye
we're graduate soon
and i really hate this 'good-bye' part
i gotta miss them so badly   :'(

09 April 2011

other passion

Face portrait is my other passion after fashion
still amateur   >.<
keep on practicing

01 April 2011


i made it!  :D
it takes around a month for the Uni to reply an acceptance
now i'm officially being accepted  :D
=) oh,yes!
so so happy!
Thank you God!
and also everyone who've support me !
even though i'm quite sure i won't fail, still that whole months felt like a year -.-

got this cute stuff from gogirl! magazine  =)