27 Januari 2011

welcome bunny year!

single week left before lunar year
so excited!
can't be patient anymore to wear new clothes and get red pocket money

25 Januari 2011

hectic weekend

attending party in here n there
entertaining yet tiring

15 Januari 2011


today,i was attending my friend's wedding
and and..
I was late!
how embarrasing! (face turn to apple red)
and this is because of that stupid traffic congestion
However, this is what i wear
i bought this beautiful necklace 4 months ago
at gashmere village,if i wasn't mistaken
i felt in love at the first sight
do you feel the same?

own made dress
so,which do you prefer?
with or without belt?

a pair of high heels from from Charles and Keith

12 Januari 2011

oN mY waY

I'm on my way to finish my portfolio                       
please wish me luck dear bloggers =)

St.C choir robe

Last December,
St.Caecilia , our choir group decided to change their choir robe
and i was assigned to design it :)

Frankly speaking,it was trully challenging!
since it was my first time to design choir robe & unisex cloth
But i do my best!

well,we still use the old ivory colour gown
so,i just design the robe
indeed i assume that raspberry colour will be the best colour for these 2 pieces cropped robe
Ultimately,they decided to use the left one
due to the consideration that the other one was way too feminime
 used to
-last year choir robe-
i'm just not into the colour =(
in my opinion, robe shouldnot be that mini

St.C pin

 Christmas 2010
Wearing my own design choir robe

i'm just wondering that the design might be too simple

11 Januari 2011

08 Januari 2011

activity during blackout

since i can't do anything during the blackout
yeah,my notebook is low-batt and my mobile phone has been suicide or fainted ( i forgot to charge last night ) T.T

thus , i do this craft-making stuff ^^
which is just simply made from my notebook paper =p

03 Januari 2011

mundane monday

first day of school..
nothing special , tiresome
i wonder that..
can't be our school be more generous?
can you imagine
ONLY 10 days holiday !!
time go swiftly on holiday ,huh !?

even so,
finally i've done my oil painting =)
actually i've done it 2 weeks ago
just didn't have a chance to post it

do you like it?

also , i'll love to share the eyecatching scenery that i capture via my mobile phone

01 Januari 2011

Hey , it's a brand NEW YEAR !

Bonne annee bloggers =D
it's a  New year . New prospects . Continuation of life . & . Fresh epoch to flourish !

Here is my resolution in 2011 ^^
i hope i can..
o   be a better person
o   have improvement in my drawing and sewing skills
o  be more industrious
o   commence to learn cooking
o   capable to adapt to the new environment
o   evaporate my ignorant behaviour