12 Januari 2011

St.C choir robe

Last December,
St.Caecilia , our choir group decided to change their choir robe
and i was assigned to design it :)

Frankly speaking,it was trully challenging!
since it was my first time to design choir robe & unisex cloth
But i do my best!

well,we still use the old ivory colour gown
so,i just design the robe
indeed i assume that raspberry colour will be the best colour for these 2 pieces cropped robe
Ultimately,they decided to use the left one
due to the consideration that the other one was way too feminime
 used to
-last year choir robe-
i'm just not into the colour =(
in my opinion, robe shouldnot be that mini

St.C pin

 Christmas 2010
Wearing my own design choir robe

i'm just wondering that the design might be too simple

1 komentar:

  1. I like the designs of your choir gown. Hopefully, we can also change our old choir robe before the year ends.