27 Maret 2011

5 reasons i ♥ today

♥ i could wake up late . lol . wake up at 9.30 am
♫ my following day exam was mathematic , not sth like a bunch of pages of theory to be memories
♥ i could do a lot of things [a.k.a my hobby] , while in daily i spend most of my time to attend courses
♫i could  do everything ASAP <As Slow As Possible> , no time to be rush
♥ simply because today is h-o-l-i-d-a-y   :3

24 Maret 2011

jolie mood

Meet Mickey  :)
My Favourite Disney character 

today , my bestie gave me a cutie gift  :3
which is her handmade bracelet 

21 Maret 2011

Saturday Night Out

How's your weekend guys?
did you have some funs?
well,my weekends was so great!  :D

i went barbecue with my classmates(not all, just around 20 peoples) at my friend's house
to be honest,i was kind of reluctant to join them at the beginning
i'm afraid i might felt tedious to join other friends who is-not-so-close..
but my besties keep persuade me 
however they're right!
we do have so much fun that night
we play basketball til midnight,play scrabble,cards,ping pong,etc
times seem to goes swiftly
i even forget to sleep  =p
& don't even exhausted!

18 Maret 2011

temporary tranquillity

school exams have just over
there's single week break before we have another exams next week


 indeed we have some fun today!  :D

14 Maret 2011

my designs

Which is your favourite?   :)

my very own designs  :D
thank you for my grandma who has help and teach me to sew the difficult part

12 Maret 2011

best day of the week

relieved for a while~
after whole week of exams
my first day of test is h.o.r.r.i.b.l.e
but wait,don't get that wrong
it's not like i can't answer the questions
 well,actually i was in a real heavy-eyed condition -.-
perhaps it is due to i study till late night the day before  
not until that, in the first hour of the test,
i've yawned for at least 15 times!
(that's silly, i know . but i can't help it )
then i just realized i've wasted half of my test time by only doing
10 questions out of 40!
in the long run,
thank heavens i've done all of the questions by the time

11 Maret 2011


well,it seems like TGI Friday doesn't apply to me today
since i have test to be held tomorrow 


As I've mentioned in my last post,
here are some stuff that i've put in the bulletin board

Like them? thanks

this is jokes article

these are just some of them
So,i guessed this is to be continued~  

05 Maret 2011

typical Saturday

Today is just another Saturday
The difference is just that today we have a holiday  =)
I've a test to be face on Monday
i supposed to study
but i hardly find a time!
-.-    t.e.r.r.i.b.l.e
we went swimming at the morning
Then i learn driving
after that i design bulletin board at the evening(i'll show you the picture tomorrow)
attend a mass
went out
went out