02 Februari 2011

today was 30 meh

i guessed i've been drowsy today
wew   (-.-)
i was doze off at salon while creambathing =p


                                                           -  Precious Moment  -
here is some pictures i took last week
it was me and some friends having experiences to do some business for 2 days
at entrepreneur's day which was organized by Mikroskil Uni

as our stand name,
we do sold empek-empek
(it's specific food from Palembang)
we also sold fish chips and onion chips

me and my colleagues ^^

at the beginning,
we're quite desperate
there's no customers due to the bad weather
oh my, from showering to heavy rain for the whole day!
 at the second day,
things have getting better
At the end,
we have got neither profit nor loss
(BEP ,Hey it's stand for Break Even Point , not Black Eyed Peas ,ok? )
this is because we've supply too many tester!
and also error in accounting note!
can you imagine?
my friends told me that she's stop record our income
because her pen has run out of ink   o_O
YES,we're still amateur and lack of knowledge in business
BUT we've got our experience
it's challenging yet interesting

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